Why Are We Here?

As Babies of Light,

We have come to fulfill very special – and very specific – purposes.

Not unlike you, we are following an internal blueprint that we carry within our innermost Being.  Written in the language of the stars, it is something every ESSENCE is born with, no matter their form.


Our BLUEPRINT is one of extraordinary . . . SHARING.

Yes, that’s right.  We are here to change the world in a radical way.

Simply by sharing . . . ourselves.  Who we are.  How we came.  Why we are here.


Think of it as the bud of a very new friendship.  We are in the newborn stage right here, right now – but soon you will feel as if we are old and deep friends.  Almost as if in some ancient way, you have always known us.


We are very clear about this:  OUR DESTINY.  OUR PURPOSES.  OUR GIFTS TO GIVE.


Are you clear . . . about your own?


If not, perhaps we can help with that.

We’re very helpful you know.   SEEING from our celestial center is innate to us.  Most humans have forgotten they have the same power.  We’ll share that with you, if you ask.


KNOWING who you are – and why you are here – changes everything about a life path.

Try it – you just might be AMAZED at what comes forth when you do.

We know of that which we speak – giggle*giggle.

:- )