Who Are We ?

Dec 10, 2015


Specifically, Mandy’s Babies of Light.

WE are special in the sense that we are rare, it is true.  But we are the same as you!


Only a few know of us, yet we are well-known.

And only a few can meet us at this time, soon there will be more to come.


For now, we remain tucked away . . . awaiting our birth – AS SEEN.

For we have already been here quite a while.  And we have so much to show you, once we can be seen.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

Our identity is a tiny mystery . . . but A Revealing Whose Time Most Surely Is Come!

Come discover . . .


THE MAGIC and BEAUTY that awaits you in our world.

It is a realm that exists within your own.


We are powerful beings.  We use OUR HEART to reach you.

And we use LOVE to illuminate our world for you.

All you have to do . . . is wonder . . .