Thumbelina is A Magical Being!

She comes to introduce us all to the MAGIC, the BEAUTY  and the LIGHT which lives within each and every form of life on earth.  In her own magical way, she sang her beautiful song of soul light and purpose – and changed our lives as she did so.

She comes today to INTRODUCE us all to a magical, majestic, powerful part of ourselves.  No matter our age, no matter our place, no matter our life path.  SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL AND SACRED LIVES WITHIN EACH OF US.

Come.  Let her show you . . . what she has gifted to us!


First, we have a creative visual introduction for you.

Introducing:  THUMBELINA!

 *   *   *

Next, we have 3 enchanting video vignettes featuring THUMBELINA.

Her presence, her wisdom, and her magic are on full display here.

Come, journey with us, as she takes us deeper

Into who she truly is . . .

And into ourselves

As Well.




Oh the power of a wee being. A Soul of Light so huge, so expansive, so potent – encased in a tiny little form. It is a powerful teaching of the realm of magic that FORM does not dictate WHO YOU ARE. And size only matters if you are sunk in duality. The sweetest of souls has come forth with a powerful teaching about MAGIC – and who we all can be. She is potent – she is magical – and she is beyond anything you may have heard. She takes matters into her own hands for turning our mind and our attention to contemplate THE TRUER REALITY – and POTENTIAL – of LIFE. She is, in a word – a power house of AWAKENING.

Come . . . Meet Thumbelina. She is waiting for you. Right Now. Here.
Oh, if you open your heart and truly listen to her story and let her in . . . your life will transform almost instantly.  She’s waiting . . . where are you?  :- )


 *  *  *


Thumbelina – a magical crystal – continues her beautiful and wondrous way of inviting us into her world. It is a space where magic reigns and where the power and gifts and abilities we all hold inside ourselves can flourish. Come. See. Watch as she guides you to awaken your own Inner Magic ever more deeply, beautifully, and powerfully.

 *  *  *


Thumbelina takes us ever deeper into the realms of LIGHT and MAGIC, guiding us to look at our own physical forms and lives with fresh, new, and innocent eyes. Her integration of ENCHANTMENT into her life is a stunning display of the power we all hold with our beliefs. And she is, as ever, playful and engaging as she takes us by the hand and mesmerizes us with her journey into magic.