The Secret Key

Yes, there is a KEY.


The trick is to realize when it has arrived, or appeared in your life.


Sometimes, there is a very special Moment.

It comes and tiptoes into your life a bit like a tiny cat with silent paws.

You may even miss it.


And that would be ever a shame!



Because THE KEY – if used to open the special place where all your SOUL’s TRUEST DREAMS RESIDE – will be the point where you unlock your most precious, most spectacular life.  Here.  Now.  On Earth.

It doesn’t happen often, we will give you that.  But it is POSSIBLE every time, in every single life.  Every Moment of Your Life holds the potentiality to REVEAL to you THE KEY.  Each life holds a unique key.  No one else’s will do the trick.  You must DISCOVER – or UNCOVER – your own.

Because we are just arriving, we are still connected to a very special part of the celestial realms.  The Space where THE KEYS are created, where they are watched over and tended until their moment of revealing comes in the life of the person they are created especially for.

THE SECRET of the key is this:  it only turns and opens the special part of you which ignites your most wondrous life path . . . if you are thinking only of love.


Now, it would seem, that most people on earth are hardly ever DOING THAT.  But don’t you know, if you did, everyone would be living their own most spectacular life.  One that holds BLISS * MIRACLES * MAGIC . . .and something even more precious.  The thing that truly creates your SOUL’s SONG echoing through your heart.


And do you know what that creates?



This is how life on earth was meant to be.

And – if you choose it to be so – it can be happening here, right now, for you.

We can help.  Though you’ll do just fine on your own.  We’re magical beings.  We discover THE KEYS within ourselves all the time.  If you have forgotten how, just immerse yourself here with us. Our words, our wisdoms, our energy – our LIGHT – will bathe you in a very special kind of Awakening Light.

The kind that births . . . THE SECRET KEY.