Starry Eyes #3

Without waiting – without coalescing large numbers to a single cause – without convincing anyone else to think or believe as you do . . . WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

Creating a new world is NOT the difficult, impossible thing we imagine.  In truth – it is THE SIMPLEST thing on earth, in many ways.  We only think it to be otherwise, because we approach it with a human mind.

But, if we approach our world with a celestial heart – we find our smile, deepen our peace, and feel the bliss of a new creation taking form with our every breath. 

How?  Given what most of us can honestly say we see and feel in the world today – our world – how is that even possible?

Simple.  WE each hold the power to create the world which surrounds us.  And we do that by choosing to be a vortex of higher frequency of light.  When you do that – you focus only on YOUR OWN LIGHT – YOUR OWN VIBRATION – YOUR OWN BEING’S FREQUENCY.  And as you turn inward and emanate and radiate that escalating frequency out into the world around you – in every breath, in every moment, in every unfolding – that world itself changes.  You don’t change it.  YOU HOLD EVER-ASCENDING LIGHT within yourself.  And as you do so . . . you create a field of Light that envelops and elevates life around you.

It is the fastest, surest way – to create a new, better world.  But do we actually need that?  A new – better – world?

No.  Not really.  Not EXACTLY.  Let me explain.

We don’t need THE WORLD ITSELF to change or be different.  It is not in trouble, actually.  It is simply – A PURE REFLECTION of US.  Our inner landscape is projected onto our global community like a crystal ball.  If we ourselves become different – if we transform ourselves – if we become higher vibrating beings . . . our world itself (THE REFLECTION WE SEE) also changes.

The highest act of love in any moment is PURE TRUTH.  Truth leads us to a clear inner alignment which allows us to see and speak with compassion, to hear and follow a higher voice of wisdom from within ourselves, and naturally brings us to the precipice of inner expansion.

If you cultivate truth in your life – honest, open, clear communication both within yourself and out into the universe . . . you will  open channels of love and compassion within you that you may have never known were there.  Doing so allows them then to flow outward, and they begin magically appearing around you in the world at large.

But cultivating truth is all about YOU – it’s about what you think, it’s about who you present yourself to be to the world.  And it’s about something even greater and more compelling – TRUTH is about understanding this:  until you are vibrating to the frequency at the center of oneness . . . your truths are changing because they are becoming (but are not yet reflecting) YOUR HIGHEST, PUREST REFLECTION of your ESSENCE’s TRUE BEING.

This is really the work, or the opportunity, we all face.  TO BE THAT TRUEST LIGHT.  And it does, indeed, begin with truth – with BEING TRUE.  More importantly, it is something only we can create and provide to the world.  IF WE POLISH the mirror of what we SHINE OUT INTO THE WORLD – if our outer reflection is A PURE REFLECTION OF OUR HIGHEST INNER LIGHT – the diamond light of our center beingness  . . . then the world around us changes.  Because it is – quite simply – reflecting us:  OUR INNER WORLD becomes what we see in the world around us.

You may think this is not true – or, even, is too simple to work – to say that YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD.  But the truth is . . . YOU DO!  WE EACH DO.  The question is this:  why are we afraid TO BE TRUE ?

You can only live a life of either FEAR – or LOVE.  There is not a sliding scale.  Let me tell you why.  Because whichever one you are aligning to in your life on the most important choices – that is the energy all of your other choices absorb.  Why?  Because both are magnetic energies and what you choose for your most important energy choices – becomes what lies hidden beneath the surface in all others.

You can’t have both.  You can’t BE both.  You can’t live both.

Really?  REALLY!  More so than we humans even know.

So what do we do next?  What does that mean, truly, for each of us?

It means this:  IT IS TIME TO CHOOSE!

Who are you? 


Our new gift, “STARRY EYES”, are letters of love from Mimzy World.  If you don’t know what Mimzy World is, think of it this way:  It is the beautiful world created on earth when humanity realized it held the power within itself to become LOVE.

I live there now – in MIMZY WORLD.  Do you ?