Starry Eyes #2

Every event taking place in the physical, material world we call our own – has come into being to OPEN OUR EYES.  every single situation – geographical, environmental, political, social, personal – is here as an invitation to OPEN OUR EYES.

That invitation comes from deep inside us.  And it is an invitation to SEE with OUR HEARTS.  Hearts that are unafraid.  Hearts that are wise.  Hearts that know the difference between pure truth and something less.  Hearts that know . . . the answer to what we truly seek lies right before us.  If we simply look with OUR OWN SACRED SIGHT.

While preparing to share these writings with you, I was given a profound way of SEEING the currently unfolding U.S. Election for president in November, 2016.  That Gift of a viewpoint reminded me that – so often – what we are striving to see, searching to find . . . lies right before us.  It just requires that we SEE with A DIFFERENT VIEW and use A HIGHER SIGHT.

I can tell you this now.  After that shift in view, I am HOPEFUL about what comes after this election.  And it has nothing whatsoever to do with who may win.  It has everything to do with what the American citizens revealed about themselves during this election.  Something I missed.  It wasn’t quite hidden – it’s just that I didn’t see it for what it could truly mean – until now.  And no one else seems to have seen it either.

THAT is the beauty of seeing with STARRY EYES.  You unveil and unfold higher truths and wiser realities before your very eyes than seemed to exist just a moment before.  You SEE with the wisdom and light of a higher vibration than humanity regularly chooses to hold.  STARRY EYES invoke THE CELESTIAL WISDOM of the all-knowing space of ONENESS.  And in that beautiful pool of pure, reflective Light . . . what we see changes remarkably.

If you are ready for new views of the world, new views of yourself, and new views of life itself – just beckoning for you TO SEE that which lives before us in every moment, but which appear hidden to humans – this is your place.

Time spent in the field of ONENESS changes everything.  You.  Me.  The Universe.  Isn’t it time for a whole new world?  I’ve chosen to live there.  How about you?