Starry Eyes #1

Beyond what we seem to see and know – lies a vast, beautiful Field of Light.  It holds all the wisdom of Light, of Life, and of The Universe Itself.

We tap into this extraordinary presence – each of us – when we vibrate at the frequency of Oneness.  For most humans, that seems a faraway dream to actually express – for doing so asks that you let go of your form.  Your body.  And exist within a state of being as simply A Body of Light.

We all, to a one, each of us . . . seem at some level to fear that.  The Letting Go.  The NOT BEING Who We Are.  The Loss of Identity that often surely seems to accompany ONENESS.

Yet – it is possible.  To touch that field.  To merge with its stunning, sacred wisdom and beauty.  To live in its KNOWINGNESS.

These gifts presented here on this site come forth from such a state of being.  Access only sanctioned through the frequencies of Oneness.

Welcome . . . To A Whole New World.

Remember.  It is your own.

And that can change everything for you.