Our Classes Of Light

Here are our magical, boundless CLASSES OF LIGHT.

MAGIC is awakening in every being right now.  THE SPARK OF LIGHT we have carried in our center, each and every one of us . . . is an ember about to glow.

Our classes are designed to bring that AWAKENING to the forefront of your life.  And to guide its magical opening into every area of the life you now hold.  MORE MAGIC.  MORE BEAUTY. MORE LOVE.  LIGHT moving in enchanting and powerful ways to create alignment and inner knowings that, in a word, simply TRANSFORM YOU – and thus, your life.

Prepare to be amazed.  I HAVE BEEN!

These are yummy, delightful – yet potent and powerful – classes.  The waft into form from the ethers, celestially born and spirit-infused.  They take you over.  They draw you in.  They mesmerize you with their depths and their beauty.  And they change you forever more.

Creating fairytales does not seem like the work of spirit or spiritual paths.  Yet, I’m here to tell you something – IT IS THE FRUIT OF THAT PATH.

Come.  You’ll see what I mean.


Were revealed February 14, 2016.


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Are you ready  . . . for all the magic, all the love, and all the light . . . your life can hold?

If so, then say yes.  Come join us.  WE ARE ENCHANTED BY THE JOURNEY ALREADY.  You will be as well!