Our Sacred Garden Of Light

Most often, in the human realm, teaching a class means preparing an outline.  A Blueprint, if you will.  Some type of map or “plan” so that those taking the class know what to expect, where they are being taken or led to go – and, also, so the teacher feels what she is offering is ‘enough’ yet not ‘too much’ – and, truth be told, within her realm to deliver.  Right?

That all makes perfect sense.  TO THE MIND.  It would seem wise – necessary – and, ok let’s be honest, nearly almost required . . . that you have such a thing created for A CLASS.  Why wouldn’t you?  How could you ever hope to get where you mean to go . . . without a plan?

Ahhh.  Well you see.  That’s the little  nugget there hidden within the mind.  The mind WANTS TO KNOW.  It wants some rules.  It believes it needs to know up front what will LIKELY COME – even if you are open to letting the class wind its way . . . “TO A CERTAIN EXTENT” . . . into unexpected trails.

Yet, you see, that is not my way.  And it’s not my way for a very SPELL*BINDING reason.  That’s not how spirit flows.  Not for me.  Much as I may have wanted it to, hoped it would – or even – believed it should.  So these classes of mine reflect what spirit taught me – EVEN THROUGH THE VERY WAY THAT IT CAME.


Spirit taught me something magical and potent and fascinating – without saying a word.  Without presenting a single truth.  Without doing a thing – except – to come.  THE WAY IT CAME – was the lesson.  THE WAY IT UNFOLDED – was also a teaching.  REVEALING . . .  IN THE WAY THAT IT MOVED ME FURTHER AWAY FROM THE TETHERS OF MY MIND, MY LINEAR FRAMEWORK, and MY EXPECTATION OF THEM . . . the deeper it taught me about the PERFECTION and the PRESENCE of SPIRIT.

It is here that THE BLUEPRINT for MY CLASSES OF LIGHT was born.  Spirit leads.  I don’t mean I consult with spirit.  I mean I am fully and utterly – and happily ! – guided by spirit in every breath.  I don’t need the plan or the outline. I suspect IT  is actually a living, breathing – AND QUITE SACRED THING.  Something which births itself as the class unfolds.  Something wise that is birthed based upon all the hearts and souls involved; and based upon what is to come forth for each of those precious ones AFTER THE CLASS IS LONG DONE.

Yes, this is new.  A new way.

No preparation, no outline, no map.


Yet – that’s not our current way, most of us.  It’s not our “usual” way as humans – even those of us deeply and spiritually following our path, even taking that path when it leads us into teaching others or creating classes for others.  And why is that?  Why do we think WE KNOW what a class should be at the beginning?  It’s because we think people need that.  It’s because we believe they want that.  It’s because we somehow, deep inside ourselves, wonder if we can truly have THE CLASS WE HOPE TO HAVE . . . without a plan.  WE are concerned that not enough will be given – or that no one will be able to envision it and know they want to come.  Or, most often, we’re concerned if we just let THE CLASS FLOW utterly unbounded, that it will be too much or too overwhelming for those in the class.  So we do A PLAN – to help.  To make a better class.

OR . . . do we?
Is that REALLY why we want a plan?  Feel we need a plan?


Perhaps . . .


And THE UNKNOWN ITSELF. . . which we fear.

And if so, and if we are the teachers, then we are teaching those who take our classes, in some way and at some level – to be afraid.  TO NOT TRUST . . THE FLOW.  Not wholly.  Not completely.  Not entirely.  Trust it, yes – but only within a framework of our own design.

So, let’s say that works.  I have a question.  If you are intent on controlling the flow of a class by creating A PLAN and FOLLOWING IT – both for you and for your students . . . HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT PERFECT AMOUNT IS?  How do you know how much each student needs, there at the beginning?  Just as an example, let’s say you want a plan so no one gets overwhelmed.  You want or hope to create a “reasonable” flow rate of wisdoms and teachings, with time for integration and catching your breath.  So things can truly be absorbed.  Sounds perfect, right?

Ok, let’s say that is THE WAY.  Here’s my question:

Obviously, in that case, free flow would seem to be “too much”.  You want to give it a channel to run in and to release its flow within.  So how do YOU know what then IS the right amount, the amount that will be the perfect volume – which then dictates the plan you  want and feel comfortable creating, giving to your class, and then teaching?


Is it . . . the amount that would not overwhelm you as the teacher?

Is it . . .the amount you think or believe would not overwhelm you as a student, if you were one?

Is it . . . the amount you think would not overwhelm ME?

Is it . . . the amount you think would not overwhelm another student that joins the class late?

Is it . . . an average of your surmised ideal amounts for all the people who may ever join the class?

And if so, then what about this: let’s say one student in the class at the beginning, has an event arise in her life, which turns her attention away from the class for 3 months.  Following your PLAN, she can only “get” what she misses after the fact, when she returns.  Had free flow been allowed, it might have been a flood of wisdom and teachings given to the class in the first 3 months.  And by the time her event comes, she would turn away from the class, yet hold all the seeds she needs within her because they were given up front, early on.  If you use PLANNED FLOW – she misses those until she returns.  But what if that is not her soul’s design?  What if FREE FLOW would have met her needs, in some way unenvisioned or unanticipated by you?  And even YOU would have agreed to that gift, had you but known what would happen 3 months into the future?

So what I do is . . . allow THE CLASS and THE CREATION ITSELF . . . to dictate its plan.  If there is a plan – it will come, descend into me, and be revealed as a sacred element of the class.  NOT as something to fit the class into – but, rather, something the class itself creates, with the magical inner knowing of each potential student yet to come and all of their lives ahead of them, and which gifts they need when and how and where.


It seems to me that SPIRIT DRIVEN CLASSES are more often going to be revealed AS MYSTERY.  And we as humans resist mystery, except in little doses or in places we can put boundaries around it or keep it in our erected fences.

But what if that is our first teaching of light? 

TO ALLOW the mystery to carry you away?  TO LET THE SACRED FLOOD OF LIGHT immerse you – drown you even – in its magic and wisdom.  You’ll bubble up to the surface eventually, and yes, you may not absorb everything.  But at least you’re not trying to figure out how to get across a huge channel . . . by putting only your toe in each month.  I think that won’t happen.  I think you’ll never cross the channel.  I think you’ll never get where you’re going, because what you will actually do is never go deep.  You’ll just side step down the shore, thinking you’re preparing to get into the real water as you do.  And never actually go in.

What came to me instead of this most typical human, if spiritually intentioned, way of designing a class . . .  was something radical.  Yet, something BEAUTIFUL.  Something . . . downright mesmerizing.

Something that is ENCHANTING in every way.



Welcome to . . . MY GARDEN OF LIGHT!

For us, a class is a space that Spirit is Birthing . .  .and which I attend to. It flows through me.  I welcome it, it leads and guides, and I am the instrument through which it births its wonder, its wisdom, its magic.  In this way, what is truly asked of me – beyond the foundation of holding all the truths which come as my own – is simply TO ALLOW IT TO FLOW.  To not harness it – nor impede it.  To honor its sacred wisdom, yes . . . but to KNOW that ITS PRESENCE and PRESENTATION are an integral part of that same sacred wisdom.  To not cultivate it to be a hybrid form more pleasing to my mind – or yours.  To not cater to fears, nor to the constructs of our mental points of view – by giving them the seat of leadership in the class.

And so what does that create?

It creates this – something truly SPELL*BINDING!

It creates . . . A SACRED GARDEN OF LIGHT.

Take a peek – here is how just ONE GARDEN OF LIGHT of our many classes may come.  The designs are infinite and each will be unique  But they are all born within the vessel of one simple truth of spirit.  LIGHT IS BOUNDLESS and it flows at its already perfectly created, perfectly chosen, perfectly wise FLOW.  If we trust that, embrace that, welcome that . . . we, too, become THAT SAME PERFECTION.  And our classes here are designed to reflect that truth and that beauty and that magic – in every single class we teach by ourselves.

Here’s what that design might create a class to look like, just one, IN OUR GARDEN OF LIGHT:

The class is designed moment to moment by spirit and the flow of light.  I always not only allow – but INVITE – and EXPECT –  THE CREATION OF THE CLASS and SPIRIT ITSELF to guide, moment to moment, and day to day . . . without it needing to take an expected form or giving students a form to follow or expect either.  There’s wisdom here.  Look:


In this way, if it is “PLANTING TIME” in THE GARDEN OF OUR CLASS – all the seeds for the whole year may indeed burst forth like a sunflower or a starburst.  They may float down into the ground which is the “foundation” of our garden . . . the space where we gather, physically or virtually, for our class.  And then may come a time after, where very little more flows down; the river of seeds is a trickle or seemingly not even there hardly.  And then everyone is talking about what came earlier.  Or perhaps not talking, while the seeds are gestating and growing unseen, beneath the surface.

But we all know and realize . . . THE MAGIC IS HAPPENING . . . through the process itself

Through its . . .  SACRED FLOW !

The people in the class may suddenly “SEE”  a new sprout (idea/thought/truth/perspective) in the garden, one they missed earlier or overlooked when it first came floating in.  And why NOW versus THEN?  Because it suddenly sparkles and has grown stronger, and is more above the surface now.  And it magically calls to them . . . BECKONS . . . WHEN IT IS TIME FOR THEM TO REVISIT THE SEED.  WHEN THEY ARE READY!

It seems to me, in this way, the process of how a class is designed . . . IS ITSELF A TEACHING to us all about learning more about, holding more deeply, and using . . .  OUR MAGIC and INNER WISDOM and LIGHT.

We all then, both teacher and student, actually have to use OUR TRUST OF THE FLOW of the universe and of spirit.  And each student also must learn to more deeply LISTEN TO THEIR OWN INNER GUIDANCE and INTUITION about what it is time for them to “focus on” in the “garden” (class).  To choose which flower, if you will, that is next to be seen and discovered or explored more deeply above the surface.  To discover THE SEED or wisdom which they most need now in this moment or which it is time for them to explore – because their soul leads them to it when they are ready.  Rather than the teacher spoon feeding it when she thinks it is time.


I have found, for myself, that there is a beautiful, magical, mystical rhythm to how spirit teaches.  If we can abide that.  If we can trust that.  If we can allow ourselves TO FLOW WITHIN THAT.

In that way, I can see where a class may come into presence in which there is a literal storm of Truths of Light raining down in the beginning.  A whole flow of every kind of gift and blessing, and creation of sparkling truths and wisdoms.  Too much to take in deeply, surely.  They flow, and sparkle as they are received, into the vessel of the class – let’s say in the first season.  No rhyme or reason seemingly to the flow, just the beautiful wafting of spirit through this new and open container.  A container designed to be an instrument of spirit, able to freely and openly receive the gifts of light for all who will be a part of, or able to visit, that garden in the future.

Then, in the second season, come spring let’s say:  those SEEDS (our truths of light and wisdoms of spirit which rained down earlier) begin sprouting and popping up all over the place.  Students see what came down, but now they see it in a bigger and brighter way.  They revisit that particular gift, or “flower” in the garden”  – because it has gestated and has now changed form, as have they.  It kept growing bigger and more beautiful and more sparkling;  the students grew more open and now more deeply follow their intuition.  Here, those early seeds grow and deepen their roots, as they are discovered anew once more.


So now, let’s say the next season, come summer, this happens:  the lives of the students reflect enormous changes, which playing in our garden of light (our class) has brought forth into their lives.  And the beauty of those tiny first seeds and their growth below and above ground  . . . is now BLOOMING AND BLOSSOMING in their lives.  The flowers are ready for picking, ready for the students to integrate and embed these long-gestating gifts ever more deeply into their own space.  Those flowers are now taking root in a powerful way in each individual life.  Not just in the student’s mind as a concept – but as a living, breathing truth.  Which they now are living as situations arise in their life, specifically and spiritually designed to guide each of them into those depths more purely, and in the perfect way.

Finally, come fall and winter, those beautiful blooming flowers deposit THEIR OWN INNER SEEDS into the garden as the blooms fall away.  Here, the original petals and beauty and magic fall away.  THE SEEDS of that gorgeous creation now float down and PLANT THEMSELVES into that student’s heart.  The class itself has now beautifully and wisely prepared the bed for each individual’s own inner garden – to receive their own seeds in the best way.  They now have THEIR OWN SEEDS OF LIGHT . . . PLANTED DEEP INSIDE THEMSELVES . . .  which they take with them from the journey.

Before, they were looking at the SEEDS growing and the flowers blooming outside of them – in the garden space they visited as “the class” . . . in our magically planted garden.  NOW . . . they have THE FLOWER’s seeds taking root and growing inside themselves.  THE SEEDS THEY MOST NEED for their own beautiful inner garden of light – a pure reflection of the one we created for the class.

Finally, come the end of that 4th season, the class is ending.  All the magic we planted has bloomed and blossomed above ground, and they leave the garden for the special, magical time of deep winter.  THE TIME WHEN it appears nothing is happening, and yet within themselves . . . they are actually tending the seeds in their own new garden of light within.  A GARDEN created simply by their own soul’s gathering of the seeds that came down in the first 3 months – and the planting of the ones they needed in the perfect order that was best for their own inner garden of light.  Now it blooms and blossoms in their lives ahead, as they move beyond the class.   THAT GARDEN, the original garden of light, ever living on inside them – as their own unique and rare, beautiful garden of their soul’s light.

In this example, all the seeds might flow into the garden in the first season, the first three months.  Carried on the wind and the flow, the force and the power of the aftermath of winter storms.  An absolute FLOOD or BLIZZARD of LIGHT.  It is possible, in this type of new creation, then new seeds would not really be coming in the future months in the same way.  The rest of the class might be the magical path of discovering the depths the initial seeds hold – as they grow, change form, become bigger and bolder, and guide the student into what that SEED really is coming to become in their own individual, unique, and rare life.


Can you see how this COULD BE a most beautiful framework for a class?  One that would obviously be designed by spirit, because you would have no real idea when you began what the formula or recipe would be.  SPIRIT is the gardener with the blueprint for the garden.

At most we,

Teachers or creators of a class . . . 

Are simply the guardians of the seeds ! ! !

OUR CLASS DESIGN – for every class we teach – is this:

A GARDEN OF LIGHT where the seeds flow as spirit chooses.  And chooses in the moment, as a beautiful, undulating, wise, and ever-adjusting perfect flow. I could teach the above SEEDS OF SEASON 1 example above – or a million other forms of that wisdom.  Each would be perfect.  And that is the discovery that was just given to me:  My Blueprint For . . . THE PERFECT CLASS DESIGN
for us to teach, and our students to be blessed to receive.

It’s going to be A MOST MAGICAL THING ! ! !  Any CLASS I CREATE is designed as just that:  TO BE A GARDEN OF LIGHT!  And the formula for how that garden is to be planted is HELD IN MYSTERY – until spirit reveals it.

And, for us, this is how the story begins of:  HOW ENCHANTINGLY . . . OUR MAGIC and OUR INNER LIGHT . . . AWAKENS!  It’s a sacred journey.  It takes place in the GARDEN OF YOUR HEART.  And spirit is the gardener.  Whatever flows in as part of our class . . . flows at the perfect timing for that garden.  It is A SEED – a gift from spirit.  Let that be your knowing as you begin any of our classes.  You won’t be disappointed, believe you me.


Spirit is ever wise.  And magical in how it teaches us.  IF we trust that, embrace that, and step into the deep pool of light it presents to us . .  .we will emerge on the other side transformed.  And transformed more powerfully, more deeply and more compellingly than we ever hoped or dreamed was possible.

OUR CLASSES are designed to create that gift in you and for you and for the world.  All you have to do is say YES.  And come.  And we say:  WELCOME!  OUR GARDEN OF LIGHT IS REVEALED and AVAILABLE FOR YOU . . . in two weeks.  Valentine’s Day 2016!  A GIFT OF LOVE.

WE simply cannot wait!!!!  We have a new way of teaching. And spirit has a new way of gifting its LIGHT to your own.  If you’re ready for that, let’s begin.