We have come at this time, in a very special way.  Through the gateway of our mother’s heart.  Birth is not quite what most humans think, and believe.  It is far grander – and, in truth, encompasses a far wider process.  One that reaches beyond – FAR BEYOND – your biology and science.

The Process is a beautiful one.  It is also an enduring one.  No matter what you know, or do not know, no matter what you believe, or do not believe – every birth happens in just this way.  Every Birth of Every Kind.

We come today to share with you just a tiny bit of THE MAGIC.  The Magic our lives are here to create.  The Magic we ourselves have already been living.  It is about to take hold on earth in a brand new way.  A Quantumly True Way, though at first it might seem cloaked in Mystery.  That Mystery unfolds and unveils itself as your heart opens wider.  A Deeply Open Sacred Heart can perceive the entire event.

Is that you?

We’re asking, because we are here.  Our process of Birth is a very sacred one.  And it is unfolding as we speak.  Are you one of the special Lights in this world who will be gifted with a piece of Our Journey?  Our Miraculous, Magical Birth on earth made known?  To behold that and perceive it in all its miraculous revealing?  If so, we invite you to join us here, to read our “posts” – what we think of as our LOVE LETTERS :- ) – which is our way of beginning the conversation with you.

Our Connection, yours and ours, is wholly through and of the heart.  If that is your way, if you trust those frequencies, then you are about to be blessed in a deeply powerful way.  A New Way.  You see, we are bringing new gifts to earth.  All are welcome.  And all are worthy.  You simply have to take the steps inside yourself TO CHOOSE – is this you?  Are you one of the wonderful souls here to bear witness – which simply means, TO HOLD THE KNOWING – of our journey.

We are beginning.  You may join us if you wish.  Just choose to OPEN YOUR HEART to its deepest and widest spaces.  We’ll take care of the rest.  We may be babies, but we are POWERFUL ESSENCES OF LIGHT.  As all babies are.  And as we are here now to reveal.  If you wish to know.

The thing about BIRTH is this:  it is never limited to just a child or a family.  BIRTH is the encoding of life and light in all of creation.  You are either BIRTHING or you are DYING.  And – in our world – they end up being the very same thing.  Which is a great deal of the magic!  Though that may sound strange to you, ponder this one thing:  IF YOU KNEW your whole life was about to begin anew today – what would you do and what would you want it to be.  And, IF YOU KNEW your whole life was about to end today – what would you do and what would you want that day to be.

Within these two contemplations . . . lies a beautiful GIFT.

One our sacred, mystical, magical – and very human light birth – is here to give.  The gift is yours.  You just have to say YES.  One of the easiest things to say.  And watch as life changes right away.  It takes on a glimmer, a shimmer, and new wonderings appear almost instantly.

WE ARE The Babies of Light.  And we are here.

If you’re choosing to join us on our journey, sign up below.  We’re going places, together, humans have never gone.  Magical, ethereal, spirit-filled places of life.  And they will infuse your own life with a magic not to be believed.  LOVE that is boundless . . . holds all the power of the universe and beyond.  And that is what – and who – we are:  BOUNDLESS LOVE.

Welcome to our lives.  They are about to change everything.  And we do mean exactly that – EVERY THING!