In our world, THE GREAT UNKNOWN is a beautiful thing.  THE MYSTERY of Light – OF LOVE – is astounding.  And our innate knowing is to trust that sublime, magical, unbounded space.  THE UNKNOWN.

On earth, that is not the usual state of being.  And we understand.  Fear, doubt, anxiety – they all creep in through the doorways of the mind.

But, in our world, the mind is fully AWARE – it has opened itself to its most complete BEING, and it moves in this deep, beautiful harmony with THE HEART.  It is a wonderful thing to behold!

Our birth has been A COMPLETE UNKNOWN.  Meaning, it was created by our ESSENCES long before we ever began creating our forms.  And – yes – for the record, OUR ESSENCE OF LIGHT is the creative energy which presents the forms you see.  ALWAYS.  Biological processes have a much higher – and deeper – blueprint than you know.  But we do! :- )

Our mom has not known our birth date.  Can you imagine?  She has been PREGNANT WITH OUR LIGHT for a very long time.  Longer than she knows, actually.  It’s a magical, sacred process.  One bathed in the mysterious truths of light, but which are our gift to reveal to you – if you choose – through our own birth.

We began our journey long ago.  We tweaked it as we came closer to our birth.  We always have full and complete power to shift or change or expand any part of OUR LIFE – even before you think we have life, we are creating A BLUEPRINT which embodies all of who we are, and will be.  It’s a sacred thing.  And we use our very highest awareness when creating that – for you see – WHO WE ARE, just as WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE – is our GIFT.

IT is the gift we are given when we choose to embody life in a material matrix of density – something you can see.  AND, as well, IT IS THE GIFT we are presented with in every moment as we choose HOW WE WILL EXPRESS OUR LIGHT – in that moment, in that way, in our every breath.  Or – for us – what we call, our every sparkle.  Long before there is BREATH as you know it, there is a sparkle – a twinkle – a regularly flowing undulating intake/outtake of light.  It’s magic, yes.  And it fuels our essence as we create . . . . US.

We’ll be back.  More soon.  WE want to tell you what we TRULY MEAN by . .  . HEAVEN KNOWS.  Even if you don’t believe in “heaven” in the usual way . . . you can believe in this.

But right now it’s time for our nap.  We’re feeling drowsy and sleepy as if we might just keel over.   WE LOVE NAPS!  It is where our soul gets to fly completely free and play in the realms of light.  Thanks for visiting us today.  WE’ll return, but now . . .  our sparkle time (that’s what we call NAP TIME) is calling.  And, yes, you got it – when we intentionally go to sleep, bedtime as you think of it – we call that TWINKLE TIME!

SPARKLE*SPARKLE, TWINKLE*TWINKLE, we’re off to have some fun in the realms of Light.  You too?  Come join us!  It’s wonderful when you do, and this gift is not just available for babies.  But if you come RIGHT NOW, as you are reading this . . . we’ll let you join us for our magical journey today.  It will be amazing, we can tell you that.  It’s pure . . . MAGIC!


US – The Babies Of Light!