Enchanting Class Design

In a magical way, MY CLASSES came to speak their spirit of light.

Once embraced, once I stopped running from them, once it was time . . . they bloomed and blossomed like a garden just waiting to be LET LOOSE.  And they are.  WE ARE . . . letting our Classes of Light . . .  loose now!

Inspired by MY BABIES OF LIGHT, we have an entire GARDEN OF LIGHT created for all those who are on a very intentional, soulfully led AWAKENING into WHO THEY TRULY ARE:  BEINGS OF LIGHT.  And that garden just keeps growing, it’s as if it is has a mind – and a heart – all its own!

Very early on, something truly inspired came.  I was at the early stages of working on presenting a class with a deep friend, our MAGIC IS AWAKENING class.  And our lives had led us to sense seemingly different approaches to the class design.  No worries, I was happy to let her vision for that be our guide.  She tried to let mine.  But in doing so, something interesting happened.  She kept sensing something unspoken, something unseen, beneath the surface between us about the format for the class.  I didn’t, actually, feel what she was feeling, but we explored ever deeper – which was exhausting, lol! – and yet at the very end of that process, something came.  TO ME.  FOR ME.

A huge, divine gift – a revelation, if  you will – that was just for me.  For THESE CLASSES.  FOR YOU.

And thus was born – in a very magical way – the SACRED DESIGN or blueprint for . . .  our Celesti*Ava  “SPELL*BOUND” CLASSES OF LIGHT.  I want to share it with you here, as I am happy and downright ecstatic, now that it has been revealed.  This is, and will be, THE SACRED DESIGN for every class I teach and that is offered here, on my sites, and in my Celestiava*Magic shop.


We teach in a brand new way.  By sharing the living of the truths of light that have sparkled and blossomed in our life.  WE simply  share that one simple, sacred thing:  OUR LIFE LIVED.  That is, and becomes, the holiest – and likely most potent – teaching of all.  AN EXAMPLE OF LIGHT shared by us in such a magical way . . . so that your own inner illumination reflects within you and to you  . . . YOUR OWN DEEP and SACRED TRUTHS OF LIGHT.

Our classes, are therefore, unlike anything else out there.  They don’t take a form prescribed by the mind or the human way of teaching, or taking classes, or even of learning. IN FACT, they expressly and intentionally  leave all that behind.  These are INSPIRED  TEACHINGS OF LIGHT AND LOVE.  And believe me when I say, the form they come to you in, is ever that as well – INSPIRED – and only that!

For our classes, the ones I teach by myself . . . this is our DESIGN.  Teaching this way requires and creates a brand new form, a new vessel, and a new blueprint for both the class and the teachings.  I’ve been fully basking in THE TEACHING  part of that for weeks now, creating the different elements for a bouquet of classes as they would shimmer in to be born.  I hadn’t quite taken the time to receive THE TRUE VISION of the class designs though.  I was just letting them come, and happen, and take form.  Which is, after all, part of their magic – their charm – their WISDOM!

And then, suddenly, THE DESIGN or BLUEPRINT  for my classes revealed themselves in SUCH an artistic way . . . as to make my heart swoon.  Literally!  I was suddenly lighter, as if carried away on an Inner Knowing that originated in the most ethereal and divine of realms.  Yes, this is a whole new kind of teaching, of learning, of classes.  I think you will find it . . . downright ENCHANTING!  I know I do!


You may read more about our ENCHANTING CLASS DESIGN HERE.

This is the formula and magical recipe we follow for every class that is ours alone.  If you sign up for one of our classes – or are hoping to! – go there.  You’ll be inspired, I think, by our new approach.  It is not new for us – but it likely will be brand new to you!  It is ever mindful of putting the energy of class design right where it belongs – WITHIN THE MAGIC OF THE SOULS INVOLVED and THE SPIRIT WHICH KNOWS THEIR HEARTS.

I call it the “ONENESS” CLASS DESIGN.  But it is – EVER! – also, ENCHANTING! 

As you will see!

We hope you will join us soon.   Our Garden of Light of Celesti*Ava Classes are quite the inspired creation.  Our “SPELL*BOUND” classes . . . named as a tribute to the full breadth and depth of the flow of spirit being released . . . are, themselves, an ENCHANTING BOUQUET!  You can’t help but be filled with incredible wonder just at the possibility and potentiality staring back at you.  LIGHT is, after all, INFINITE!  You may just want to take every single one, not depriving yourself of any scent or beauty available . .  . from the spirit of our magical GARDEN OF LIGHT.  I know I’m happy to be playing in the beauty of each of them, myself, as I create them.  And I’m the one doing all the work, lol!


Which is truly EVER a mark of spirit:

Your TRUE SOUL WORK .  .  . is really your PLAY.  Your BLISS.  Your GIFT.

These are mine . . . and are ever about this: