Gifts Of Light

Welcome to the some of the very first wisps which began it all.  These were one of three creations which began the birth of OUR MAGICAL . . . SCHOOLS OF LIGHT.  They are THE SACRED SEED from which something magical and majestic has been born. They stunned me.

Love works that way, sometimes – like MAGIC! :- )

You are invited.  Come and be inspired!



Computer Fairy


Thumblina’s Magic #4:


“Thumbelina – An Enchanted Being”


Thumbelina takes us ever deeper into the realms of LIGHT and MAGIC, guiding us to look at our own physical forms and lives with fresh, new, and innocent eyes.

Her integration of ENCHANTMENT into her life is a stunning display of the power we all hold with our beliefs.

And she is, as ever, playful and engaging as she takes us by the hand and mesmerizes us with her journey into magic.



Painted Hummi
Amethyst Hearts Flourish

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