Gifts Of Light

Welcome to the some of the very first wisps which began it all.  These were one of three creations which began the birth of OUR MAGICAL . . . SCHOOLS OF LIGHT.  They are THE SACRED SEED from which something magical and majestic has been born. They stunned me.

Love works that way, sometimes – like MAGIC! :- )

You are invited.  Come and be inspired!



Computer Fairy


Thumblina’s Magic #1:

“Thumbelina Comes”


Oh the power of a wee being.

A Soul of Light so huge, so expansive, so potent – encased in a tiny little form. It is a powerful teaching of the realm of magic that FORM does not dictate WHO YOU ARE. And size only matters if you are sunk in duality.

The sweetest of souls has come forth with a powerful teaching about MAGIC – and who we all can be.

She is potent – she is magical – and she is beyond anything you may have heard. She takes matters into her own hands for turning our mind and our attention to contemplate THE TRUER REALITY – and POTENTIAL – of LIFE.

She is, in a word – a power house of AWAKENING.

Come . . . Meet Thumbelina. She is waiting for you. Right Now. Here.

Oh, if you open your heart and truly listen to her story and let her in . . . your life will transform almost instantly.

She’s waiting . . . where are you?
:- )

Painted Hummi
Amethyst Hearts Flourish

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