Gifts Of Light

Welcome to some of the very first wisps which began it all.  These were one of three creations which began the birth of OUR MAGICAL . . . SCHOOLS OF LIGHT.  They are THE SACRED SEED from which something magical and majestic has been born. They stunned me.

Love works that way, sometimes – like MAGIC! :- )

You are invited.  Come and be inspired!



Computer Fairy


Babies Of Light:

“Calling All Earth Angels – Part 1”


It seems, often, that when mystical events touch our lives, we find we greet them with an element of fear. Higher frequency energies and vibrations pass through our bodies in new ways, causing differentials between matter and energy within us. We can feel strange, dizzy, sick.

Yet, these are sacred times. And these are magical, soulful events. Sometimes, they are precisely that – A SOULFUL EVENT. And sometimes, that event holds AN INVITATION – a powerful one. A request from our soul, our essence, our highest self . . . to take notice. To listen more deeply, open more powerfully, and allowing something new to come to be.

When we do, we may just find that something we thought was OFF or WRONG in our life – was actually – a most sacred moment indeed. And when we begin to understand that things are rarely as they seem when we look at them only through the lens of our human mind – then we truly do seem to finally SEE THE LIGHT.

The Invitation is here now. It is before you very special ones.
We. . . Await . . .YOU.


Painted Hummi
Amethyst Hearts Flourish

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