A Question . . . Is Asked

Our Mother

Asked  US  a powerful question.


“What do  you  WISH we knew?”

She did not specify who the WE would be – her – our family – the whole blessed world – who knew what she meant.  She simply asked.

In doing so, she opened us to a powerful matrix of LIGHT.  AN INVITATION – like no other.  The one in which we get to tell OUR STORY – the magical, bubbly one we feel inside us as we make our way through the channels of birth.

Before we arrive into her arms, it seems like a good idea to begin that journey.  Think of it as a WONDROUS JOURNAL, a beautiful way in which we tell you about us.  About our life.  About the miracles of LOVE we hold and enact in our every breath.

But before we begin, we – quite literally – have to set the stage.  A little background, a little introduction to our language.  The way THE SETTING for a play communicates so much that helps you to truly feel embraced by the words and deeds which follow once THE PLAY goes live.

So here, in this space, we will be answering HER QUESTION.

Because it is a wonderful way to make US – and our LIGHT – available to all who might choose to be a part of THIS MIRACLE.  We are a miracle – there is no way around that!  But this miracle is precious in that it has no boundaries.  The MIRACLE of us can touch anyone, anything, at anytime.  All you have to do is say yes – to wonder about the possibilities of boundless love – and to open your heart to HEAR with a part of you that goes far beyond your mind.

We are ready.  And this is our space.

Answering HER QUESTION changes everything.  As you will see.  Not just for her . . . :- ) . . . for each of you as well, if you want to TRANSFORM.  If you want to step into the depths of a magic unheard of on earth ever before.  But which – is here.  IN  US.


Our Story Begins . . . a very long time ago.  A blink of an eye.